Цветно и в картинки

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One thought on “Цветно и в картинки

  1. Dear Yana,

    May the joy of parenting bring you a lifetime of laughter and superb memories.
    God has blessed you with a wonderful little girl, enjoy each moment with your family ,you and P.have brand new reason to smile every day.
    I have been busy with friends visiting, work and few health problems : (
    But have followed your blog and Michaela’s development.
    She looks simply adorable !!
    I will be in BG 12 – 21 September. Barry ( sadly ) will give it a miss this time as well, cause he mainly gets ill after a journey on a plane : (
    Any goods , you guys may benefit from England ? Please, let me know, it will be a pleasure to do something about it.

    xx Svetla

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